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Name :

Internal EMS Auditor Course

Date : 16/9/2014
Duration : 2 days
Fees, excluding VAT : £ 640.00
Venue : Leeds
Description :
Being able to carry out internal audits is a vital part of environmental management systems and is often an area of non-conformances when staff so not have the skills or competence to carry out audits.
This two day intensive course is designed to give internal audit personnel the necessary skills to audit effectively an environmental management system. The course leads delegates towards the philosophy of ISO 14001 focusing on the effectiveness of the EMS and environmental performance. The course follows the guidance in ISO 14001 and ISO19011 on the principles and practices of environmental auditing.
Course objectives
By the end of the two day course delegates will understand the requirements and be able to audit an environmental management system. Specifically, delegates will 
·         Have an understanding of the requirements of the various Environmental standards.
·         Have an appreciation of the audit requirements of an EMS and understand audit procedures
·         Be able to interpret correctly the audit requirements of ISO 14001
·         Know how to plan an audit and produce an audit report
·         By the end of the course you will understand the requirements and be able to audit an environmental management system 
Course Content
Day One
·      Understanding ISO 14001
·      Audit Strategy: auditing procedures, auditing clauses, auditing risks
·      Auditing Process: planning, collecting the evidence, reporting
·      Continual Improvement
Day Two
·      Practical on-site audits
·      Reports
Who should attend?
Existing internal audit personnel members of the proposed audit team.
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